CHANNEL 5 series Rich Holiday, Poor Holiday is looking for candidates in Hampshire to take part.

The series, which focuses on families at both ends of the wealth spectrum exchanging holidays to see if money really does buy happiness, is on the lookout for families in Hampshire to take part in the show.

Each episode features a 'rich family' that is used to spending their holidays in luxury destinations, staying in 5-star accommodations and living the high life and a 'poor family' who would usually holiday in more humble locations.

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Both families swap destinations for their holidays in order to gain a perspective on how the other half lives and to see if the location of their time away matters, or if it is the company they spend it with.

Production company Emporium is casting for the series, and is looking for "exciting people" to take part.

Hampshire residents can apply to be on the show by emailing Gideon at: 

Alternatively, you can apply at

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