UNDERPAID and bad work conditions are the main reasons why Hampshire police officers are leaving their job, according to new research. 

One in eight officers plan to leave Hampshire Constabulary within two years or are actively looking for jobs elsewhere, figures suggest. 

The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) said police officers are reaching "breaking point" and leaving the service due to pay and work conditions.

The PFEW's pay and morale survey, carried out in September and October last year, shows 12 per cent of the 839 officers in Hampshire Constabulary who responded, said they were planning to leave the service.

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About five per cent said they intended to resign from the force within the next two years and seven per cent stated they are already looking for other employment.

Altogether, the rate is up from the previous survey in 2021, when 10 per cent of officers said they were planning to resign.

Nationally, 18 per cent of respondents said they intended to resign within two years or as soon as they could.

PFEW national chair Steve Hartshorn said: “Police officers are reaching breaking point and are leaving the service in their droves as every element of their pay and conditions has been gradually eroded in the space of a decade."

Of Hampshire Constabulary officers who said they were planning to leave the job, the main reasons cited for leaving the force were their morale (82 per cent), and their pay (68 per cent).

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Additionally, 92 per cent said they do not feel the Government respects them and 71 per cent said they do not feel respected by the public.

Mr Hartshorn said: “To rebuild the broken thin blue line, police officers need a pay award that acknowledges the cost-of-living crisis, their unique responsibilities and the restrictions imposed on their industrial rights."

A spokesperson for Hampshire police explained that policing is a challenging environment and their officers and staff deliver on a daily basis despite having to undertake challenging roles, often in difficult circumstances.

They added: "It is vitally important that we have a first-class wellbeing offer in place to ensure they are fully supported in doing so. 

"People across the country are concerned about their finances and police officers and staff are no different; the issues that are being raised are very real. Officers and staff are given access to a wide range of information, guidance and services to support their mental and physical wellbeing, as well as their financial concerns."