AN animal shelter has reported that it has seen a massive rise in the number of cats and dogs handed in.

Animal shelter Helping Cats and Dogs UK has reported that it has seen large increase in the number of pets handed in, and that it has got to the point where the shelter has had to turn away some animals due to a lack of space.

Founder Kirsty Wrightson warned that this increase is just the tip of the iceberg.

She said: “Unfortunately we have had to turn animals away because we are so full.

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“Where people can’t afford the vet bills anymore or they can’t afford to look after them or they can’t afford to get the dog walkers in anymore if they work full time, we are full.

“Just last week we took in 11 cats, and this is what’s happening daily.

“And it’s only going to get worse as well, because people can’t afford to feed their animals”.

Kirsty estimated that the shelter has seen a 70 percent increase in the number of pets that have been handed in due to owners no longer being able to afford them.

She continued: “It’s massive, to the point where sometimes I’m not even sleeping because I don’t have room to put animals on the waiting list to come in.

“And because people can’t afford adoption fees, the animals aren’t shifting, they’re remaining in foster care.”

The CIC is also struggling due to a lack of funds, as donations have slowed down due to members of the public no longer being able to afford to donate to or sponsor the group.

Kirsty explained: “Our sponsorships have gone down, our funding has gone down, as in donations from people, although our costs are still rising.”

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She continued: “The more we can help the community keep their animals in their homes, the better.

“But we need help from the public to be able to do that.”

Founded in 2018, Helping Dogs and Cats UK works to rescue, rehome, and offer veterinary care to pets in and around Basingstoke.

The CIC also offers a wide range of other services, including micro-chipping, spaying, and neutering.

In addition to its work in the UK, the shelter also helps dogs and cats in Romania.

More information about Helping Dogs and Cats UK can be found on the shelter’s website: