SCHOOLS in Basingstoke are not considering moving to a three-day week amid national concerns surrounding the cost of running education sites, the county council has confirmed.

Earlier this week, it was reported that schools across the UK are reportedly considering a three-day week in the autumn term as they struggle with the rising energy costs and paying teacher’s wages.

Headteachers are holding “crisis meetings” during the summer holidays with boards of governors ahead of pupils returning to school in September.

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We asked our readers on Facebook for their views, and most opposed the idea. 

Suzanne Langley wrote “I think it's ridiculous", while Zari TA added: "What about working parents?"

Janey Hansford agreed, adding: “No, because too many children have horrendous home lives and the thought of them having to spend even more time there, miserable, is just wrong."

However, others say a three-day week would suit them well.

"Perfect for me," said Eleanor Garratt, while Carole Valler added: "It's a yes from me." 

Now, a spokesperson for Hampshire County Council has said that they are not aware that any schools in Basingstoke will be affected by the proposal.

They said: “The county council is not aware that any schools in Hampshire are considering moving to a three-day week.”