A MAN standing trial accused of the murder of another man in Popley said he ‘gave up’ chasing the victim after he took off on the bike he had stolen from him, a court has heard.

As previously reported, Jordan Clarke, 25, of no fixed abode, stands trial at Winchester Crown Court, accused of the murder of 22-year-old Troy Harkness on January 19.

Opening the case last week, prosecutor Kerry Maylin said that Harkness died of “catastrophic blood loss” caused by two stab wounds, following an altercation in the Melrose Walk area. The crown submitted that these wounds were given by “acquaintance” Clarke.

On Thursday, August 4, the court heard transcripts from Clarke’s interview with police in the days following the incident.

Over the course of January 21 and 22, he was interviewed by police four times. Each time, he answered “no comment” to the questions “did you murder Troy Harkness?”, “did you kill Troy Harkness?” and “were you involved in the killing of Troy Harkness?”.

In his interviews, Clarke said that, during an altercation on Melrose Walk, he saw Harkness “reach to his waistband”.

He continued: “I can only assume Troy had his knife on him, because he reached down to his waistband and I could see a black handle."

He added that Harkness said “I’m going to sheff you up”, meaning that he was going to stab him.

He said he did not see the knife again after that, but that Harkness proceeded to take Clarke’s bike, and cycle along Popley Way, towards the Apollo Hotel.

He said: “I chased after Troy, but I gave up. I can’t catch him, I know how fast that bike can go, so I turn back.”

When asked if Harkness appeared injured, he said: “From what I can tell he was perfectly fine. He was riding as quickly as I can. I was shouting ‘Oi, bring back my bike’. He didn’t turn around once.”

At the time of his arrest, the court heard, Jordan had 3.8g of herbal cannabis on him, with an estimated value of between £20 and £30.

Meanwhile, the cannabis found next to Troy Harkness was made up of three bags, two of 6.4g and 6.6g respectively - each valued at between £50 and £60 - and one of 2.9g, valued at between £20 and £30.

Clarke denies one count of murder.

The trial continues.