Tesco has been forced into implementing a fix to prevent the fraudulent use if self-checkout amid a viral TikTok craze name the ‘Tesco Method’.

Users of the video platform have been sharing a method which allows shoppers to get an endless supply of sweets absolutely free when using the self-checkout counters at the supermarket.

Using a loophole with a coupon meant for manufacturers, people have been sharing there success online as they walk out of Tesco stores with trolleys full of supposedly free sweets and drinks.

What is the Tesco Method?

Tesco shoppers are using a discount code at the self-checkout which works for a range of sweets.

Most coupons allow for up to £5 of sweets however people have found a way to use the coupons multiple times, essentially meaning they can endlessly scan free sweets.

Customers are taking advantage of Tesco staff who are rushed off their feet who quickly approve the purchase without properly investigating the purchase.

However, the plan is not 100% full proof as other videos showing fraudsters being refused trolleys of sweets at the till.

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How are people getting hold of the Tesco coupons

People are searching ‘Tesco Method’ on TikTok, saving the videos and then taking a screenshot of the coupons.

They are then scanning the coupons after selecting “finish and pay”.

Tesco aware of the issue as shoppers warned

The supermarket giant has moved quickly to put a stop to the scam.

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On TikTok user, @hollyvlogsofficial, revealed some people are now being banned from their local supermarkets and has warned people against trying the fraudulent method.

Tesco said it is aware of the issue and has implemented a fix which prevents the fraudulent use of this coupon.