A COLLECTION of market gardens that sells organic vegetables is planning on holding a festival featuring folk music and seminars.

The Worthy Earth, a collection of market gardens, has announced that it will host a music festival at one of its sites.

The Worthy Earth Festival will take place in September 2022 at Dummer Down Farm.

The festival is being organised by one of Worthy Earth’s founders, Harrison Fannon and will feature music from local artists, alongside seminars that will teach attendees traditional farming techniques.

Food at the festival will be made from Worthy Earth produce.

Both day and camping tickets will be available to purchase.

Worthy Earth was founded in 2020 by Harrison, his brother Lawrence and their friend Cody Moir. 

Since it's inception, the colletive has grown to include three gardens across Hampshire, including one at Dummer Down Farm near Basingstoke.

The gardens grow organic vegetables and edible flowers that can be purchased as part of a seasonal vegetable box.

The festival is just the first of several new ideas that the founders have to expand Worthy Earth, including new market gardens and hosting open days.

Lawrence explained: “We are planning on opening to the public on Fridays and Saturdays in the future, where people can come for a ‘Field to Fork’ deal, and ‘Pick for Order’.

“For example, if someone came and said they wanted some salad and beetroot, they can literally see us harvesting it in front of them, which I think is quite a unique selling point.”

More information about Worthy Earth and the Worthy Earth Festival can be found on its website https://worthy-earth.co.uk/.

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