BORIS Johnson has announced he is stepping down as Conservative party leader.

While grey clouds might have been hanging overhead, when the Gazette went into Basingstoke town centre talk with people about the resignation, the atmosphere was predominantly cheerful.

While the announcement might have come as a shock to some, many Basingstoke residents said that they were happy to see the back of Johnson.

Steve James-Bailey was one of those residents. The 60-year-old said that believes Johnson “needs to go” and expressed his belief that the Prime Minister is “damaging the country.”

He continued “He needs to preserve party reputation and go now”.

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Buckskin resident Paul, 31, said that he was surprised that Johnson had held on so long, expressing his belief that “he should have gone a long time ago.”

When asked who he would like to see as the next Prime Minister, Paul said “anyone would be better”.

Basingstoke Gazette: Pictured: PaulPictured: Paul

Lisa Ward, 49, said that she is glad Johnson is stepping down, saying: “This country is at the brink and he’s not helping. Enough is enough”.

61-year-old Tony Strafford was “pleased” to hear about the resignation and said that “it’s a long time come.”

Tony also expressed his desire for a General Election to be held, saying that he “can’t see anyone better in the Tory party”.

A dissenting opinion was held by Stephen Colvill, 65, who said that he was “devastated” to hear the news.

The Brighton Hill resident said that he liked Boris Johnson, and that he “won’t say one bad thing against him.”

Basingstoke Gazette: Pictured: Stephen ColvillPictured: Stephen Colvill

Another Basingstoke resident who is sad to see Johnson resign is 63-year-old Steven, who called the resignation “a shame”.

Meanwhile, Popley resident Carnegie Lewis was glad to happy about the resignation, saying that Johnson “should go”.

The 63-year-old continued: “The man’s a crook, the man’s a liar.”

Basingstoke Gazette: Picture: Carnegie LewisPicture: Carnegie Lewis

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77-year-old Megan said that she thought the announcement was “good” as she “didn’t want him in the first place.”

Winklebury resident Molly felt similarly to Megan, saying that she was “very happy” to hear about the resignation, calling it “the best news I’ve woken up to in months!”

She also said that “anything is better than Boris Johnson”.

Basingstoke Gazette: Pictured: MollyPictured: Molly

Kat Lewis, 48 from Buckskin, said that she is “not surprised” that Johnson is stepping down, adding that she “didn’t think he should have been Prime Minister to begin with”.

However, Kat did express some sympathy for Johnson, saying “he’s had a lot to deal with.”

Basingstoke Gazette: Pictured: Kat LewisPictured: Kat Lewis

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