Basingstoke’s MP Maria Miller said the size of the proposed new hospital in Basingstoke has yet to be finalised and it will be a decision for the NHS.

She added that the government is impressed by the planning for the new hospital and the proposal has always had cross-party support.

Her comments follow a report that plans for the new Basingstoke hospital could be hindered by a lack of government support.

Although the Hampshire Together partnership is aiming to open a new hospital in Basingstoke by 2030, some councillors are worried that the new hospital might suffer the same fate as some of the government schemes, which have dried up recently.

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Ms Miller said: "Basingstoke Hospital is one of more than 40 new hospitals the NHS is building, and the Trust met Hospitals Minister Ed Argar MP last month to update him on their work, which is progressing well.

“The size of the Hospital has yet to be finalised and will be a decision for the NHS. The Minister was impressed not only by the planning that has been done, but also the collaboration with Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council. The new hospital has always had cross party support, because that puts residents first."

Meanwhile, the leader of Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council Cllr Simon Bound said the council continues to have a very positive relationship with the Hampshire Together project while the plans for the new hospital are developed.

He said: “A new hospital for Basingstoke and North Hampshire is a key priority for the council. I continue to be encouraged to see all the work going on across all parts of the health system to get the right services in the right places for residents.

“That includes the ones that will be delivered in the new hospital. From all the conversations I have participated in the number of beds in the hospital has always been a product of the needs of residents and the services that can best be delivered outside the hospital. I think we all recognise people would prefer to recover at home and not go to the hospital unless they absolutely have to.

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“A new state-of-the-art medical campus with a new hospital at its heart is and will always be as important as the services that are delivered in and amongst our communities.”

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