A HOUSE in Oakridge has been cordoned off by police after neighbours say they heard sirens at 4am this morning.

A police car with two officers is positioned outside the house in Maple Crescent, Oakridge, where it is understood an elderly couple live.

One neighbour said she woke at around 4am to the sound of police sirens and said she looked out of the window to see several police cars outside the property.

She added: “There is a nice elderly couple who live there so it’s a bit scary because we don’t know what’s happened. They are really lovely.”

Another neighbour said he woke at 8.30am to find a police car parked outside.

“It’s usually very quiet around here,” he said, adding: “I am worried about what’s happened as we don’t know anything.”

The curtains were all closed in the semi-detached property.

Police officers at the scene said they were unable to provide any information about what had happened.

Hampshire Constabulary has been asked for details.

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