RESIDENTS in Brighton Hill have said they do not feel safe enough to leave their house at night.

The information has come to light after it was revealed a resident survey, undertaken by councillors in Brighton Hill last year, showed that half of respondents said they feel unsafe leaving their house during the night.

The survey received several hundred replies and the results were revealed during a crime and disorder joint scrutiny committee held last week on June 29 at the Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council offices.

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Speaking about the survey Cllr Andrea Bowes, said: “Last year in Brighton Hill we undertook a resident survey and received several hundred replies and among the topics was a section on crime.

“While 97 per cent felt very or fairly safe in the home or outside during the day this dropped to only half of the respondents feeling very or fairly safe out and about at night.

“This appears to be largely down to the fear of anti-social behaviour, which is backed up by the increase in reports received by us as councillors.”

Cllr Bowes said the incidents residents are most afraid of include public drug taking often in parks and near children's play areas, intimidating behaviour such as groups hanging around in parks and shouting abuse at passers-by, graffiti and even people stealing parcels from people’s doorsteps.”

During the meeting, where members of key groups were present including Hampshire Police, she stressed that it is a serious issues that should not be swept under the carpet and is becoming an increasing concern for residents who have to deal with antisocial incidents everyday.

She added: “This might sound like minor nuisances until they start regularly happening on your street or near where your children like to play."

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Chief Inspector Scott Johnson, district commander for Basingstoke comfirmed that since Wednesday, June 1 Hampshire police have received a total of 13 reports of anti-social behaviour in the Brighton Hill area.

He added: "We know that anti-social behaviour and related crime blights people’s lives, but please be assured that our teams are fully committed to identifying and bringing those who are responsible for inflicting this type of misery on the community, to justice.

“We work in partnership with Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council to tackle anti-social behaviour, and will take action with our partners to tackle hotspots reported to us.

“I believe that tackling anti-social behaviour requires a joint effort and I would ask the public to please let us know, even if you feel it isn’t urgent or if you are reporting it after the incident has occurred.

“You can report any incidents to us via the various police channels, including the ‘Tell Us About It’ page on our website and via 101. Always call 999 in an emergency.

“We would like to thank members of the local community for reporting incidents to us as this helps us build an even stronger picture of what is happening so we can be in the right place at the right time.”

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