A NINE-year-old Ukrainian girl living in South Warnborough has raised more than £200 for charity by selling homemade cakes.

Milana Sudak managed to raise £201.87 with a charity cake and bake stall that she ran on Saturday, June 25.

The stall was set up outside of Naked Refill, a vegen-friendly, zero-waste shop run by Natalie Gladman, who is hosting Milana and her mother.

Lots of Naked Refill’s regular customers stopped by the stall to show their support, with Milana selling all of her rock cakes and chocolate hazelnut cookies.

Milana managed to raise more than £91 with her stall, before receiving a donation from Fleet-based plumbing company Kayron Heating and Plumbing, which raised her grand total raised to £201.87.

The money that Milana raised will go to support the charities Nova Ukraine and the Prytula Foundation.

Milana is currently deciding which charity she will support with her brilliant baking next.

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