A BASINGSTOKE-based company that sells baking kits is opening a one-day pop-up shop in its office.

Baked-In will be opening the doors of its office to members of the public on Wednesday, July 13 to sample some of its baking kits.

The pop-up shop will be located at Baked In’s office on Wade Road.

The shop will offer discounted prices on kits, baking advice and tips, as well as a chance for customers to give feedback on a potential cookie recipe that the company is in the process of developing.

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The individual ingredients that Baked In includes in its kits will also be available for purchase, such as Wessex Mill flour which is provided in many of the kits the company sells.

The pop-up shop will be open from 10.30am-6.30pm.

Founded in 2013, the company’s popularity increased during the Coronavirus lockdown in 2020.

Social media and community manager Helen Fendley explained that Baked In decided to set up the pop-up shop after seeing how many people that were in the company run Facebook group lived locally.

Helen said: “We have a real sense of community with our customers, and we were thinking ‘Actually, now that things are opening back up again, it would be really nice to meet some of them’.

“Especially the ones in the local area, we get a lot of messages from customers saying ‘Oh, I live down the road, it would be lovely to come in and see you’, so we just thought it would be lovely to expand our community and physically meet them.

“We thought it was a really good opportunity to open our doors and meet some customers, and meet some people who aren’t customers, that’s where the idea started, and now it’s developed into the pop-up shop idea.”

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Helen also said that, while the pop-up shop was originally planned as a one-time event, Baked In might hold more pop-up shops in the future if the demand is there.

Helen said: “We’re hoping that it will be a success, and if it is we’ll definitely be doing more things like this in the future.

“There’s potential to, if this one goes really well, we’ll look at maybe doing one in a different location.

“We have a lot of customers in the North and in Scotland, it seems to be doing really well up there, potentially if we have done a couple down here that go really well, it’s definitely something we’ll expand upon.”

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