A new series of fundraising events featuring performances by Basingstoke musicians is taking place to raise money for Basing Rainbow Cancer Unit.

The first event will take place on Friday, July 1, at the Moose Centre and starts at 8pm.

Tickets for the event cost £8 at the door.

The events are being organised by Brian James and Richard Bone, two Basingstoke residents who were treated for leukaemia at the Basing Cancer Unit at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital.

Musicians themselves, they decided to raise money for the ward as a way of saying thank you.

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The men are hoping to raise money to buy a new drinks machine for the ward.

Brian said: “They had a drinks machine at the hospital 10 years ago when I started going, but they don’t have one anymore.

“So, the first thing is a drinks machine for the staff, patients and relatives.

“We’ve raised roughly £600 so far, and we are hoping to raise £800 at the event.”

Brian is hoping to hold more charitable performances in the future, with the next one scheduled for October, which will also raise money for the cancer unit.

The first fundraiser will see Basingstoke musician Johnny Marvel perform, with other musicians lined up to play at the other fundraisers.

If the fundraising is successful, the musicians who performed will attend a celebration unveiling the drinks machine at the hospital.

Brian also wanted to thank the musicians who are performing at the fundraisers, saying: “They are all giving up their time for free.”

Brian is hoping that more musicians come forwards to perform at the fundraising events, and is hoping that to be able to both book and pay the contributing musicians to do an event when the fundraiser is completed.

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He is also hoping to thank those who help with the fundraiser with a trip to Abby Road. 

Brian said: “The more people who come forward, the better it is, because there will be a surprise visit to Abbey Road Studios at the end of the fundraiser for a live open mic session to do a song for the charity.”

Tickets for the first event are limited, with only 100 available.

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