Having recently spent a week in Basingstoke hospital, I would like to express my gratitude to the local NHS.

I was taken ill on Sunday evening May 29 and was advised to call an ambulance. A member of the first response team (Jack) arrived within 10 minutes and quickly took initial observations whilst offering re-assurance to myself and family.

The paramedics arrived soon after and were thorough in their examination deciding I would need a hospital visit (the paramedic team were from Reading).

On arrival at Basingstoke Hospital I spent some time in A&E where all staff were kind and reassuring. I was then transferred to AAU before moving to a ward.

I spent a total of eight days in hospital and could not fault any of the staff, nothing was too much trouble. When I say staff, I mean all who worked on the ward including; nurses, housekeeper and those serving food and drinks.

The food was as nutritious as it was tasty.

I therefore would like to thank them all especially those who work on F1.

Thankfully I am now home and recovering.

Cyril Holmes, Woods Lane, Cliddesden

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