A BASINGSTOKE family is looking to find the owner of a children’s book and some notes that they discovered under the floorboard of their new home while renovating it.

Claire Clark and her family bought the home in Cliddesden Road in August 2021.

They have been renovating the house, including redoing the flooring, before they move in.

It was when they removed the floorboard, Claire found some exciting items underneath.

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They were left by a little boy named John Harley, who must have lived in this house many years ago.

The items included a Pinocchio book, a membership letter sent by The Project Club, and a note written by John explaining what his project is about.

The note reads: "...very proud of my wire man because I made it and it stands up by itself. It has not got any eyes, really it has not got only eyes, but it has got long thin legs. I wound the wires into a human shape and then coverd it with string. by John Harley."

Basingstoke Gazette: The note left by John HarleyThe note left by John Harley

Claire told the Gazette that she is looking to find the owner of these items and safely return in, just to make them happy.

“I think these were left in the 70s to early 80s,” Claire said.

“We have also found coke cans from 1986, which might help with dates.”

The diet Coke had an expiry date of July 1986, while there were also a couple of Panda Pops Cola bottles.

Claire thinks the can and the bottles must have been left by an electrician or plumber while working at the property.

Claire posted the photo of the book, letter, and note on Spotted Basingstoke Facebook group and her Instagram page.

Basingstoke Gazette: A membership letter left by John HarleyA membership letter left by John Harley

“When I Googled ‘The Project Club’ I immediately recognised the book. Probably from my Brownie Guide days in the 80s,” she wrote on her Instagram.

Can you help Claire find John Harley who lived in Cliddesden Road in the 70s or 80s?

If you have any clues, write to kiran.sajan@basingstokegazette.co.uk.

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