A 7-year-old pupil from Hook has been named a runner up in an international school art competition.

Iestyn Morgan, from St Neot’s Preparatory School, entered a portrait of his role model, The Queen, which was drawn and painted with pencils, watercolours, stamps, and pen.

Iestyn said: “My role model is The Queen because she loves her family and her followers a lot. She does her job great.”

The portrait was entered into the iart 2022 competition run by the Independent Association of Prep Schools.

Iestyn will receive vouchers for a local bookshop for his efforts, as well as recognition at iart 2022 gallery, which will showcase the finalist’s artwork.

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The iart 2022 competition received more than 160 entries from children aged 6-13 from more than 70 schools around the world.

Pupils were tasked with submitting a piece of artwork which represented someone or something that inspires them.

Entries ranged from portraits of friends and family to David Attenborough, Enid Blyton, Michelle Obama, and the NHS.

Christopher King, chief executive officer of IAPS, said: “This year we wanted to tap into what has inspired the children most over the course of Covid-19, and it’s been humbling to see portraits of friends who have encouraged them to be themselves, parents who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic, and popular celebrities in sport, literature, art and environmental activism all coming through.

“We’ve been inspired reviewing the entries this year, and we truly believe the competition is a valuable way to encourage creativity and imagination within students.

“My warmest congratulations and huge thanks to every student that participated, and we look forward to seeing the finalist’s artwork presented on the wall at our iart exhibition.”

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Pupils embraced a variety of techniques including sculpting, pencil, watercolour, and impressionist art.

The competition has been running since 2013, with 1,245 students taking part since its launch.

Established and run by IAPS, and judged by Christopher, the competition aims to showcase the innovative and inspiring artwork pupils in member schools produce.

The criteria are skill, creativity and whether the pieces “stand out” to the judges.

The iart 2022 prizegiving event will be held for families and teachers at St Ethelburga’s, Bishopsgate, this month.

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