A FAMILY has spoken of their heartache after their ‘beautiful’ newborn baby died.

They spoke of their grief after an inquest, held at Winchester Coroner’s Court on June 15, ruled an open conclusion as it could not be ascertained what caused her death.

Dolly-Rebecca Rawlings died at Basingstoke hospital on October 18, 2021.

Her mum and dad Paige and Brandon Rawlings described her as their “beautiful angel” who will “always live on in our hearts”.

In a statement paying tribute to their daughter after the inquest, the family said: “We could never put into words how the sudden passing of our daughter Dolly-Rebecca has affected our family. She was loved and cared for by everyone and she will always live on in our hearts.

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“What happened to us on the morning of October 18 we would never have thought would happen to our family; it’s always something you read or hear about but never expect it to happen to yourself. It is the worst feeling and pain any mother, father, sibling, or family member could ever go through.”

They continued: “We find it hard to move forward because there really is no answer to why our beautiful daughter fell asleep. We will never get closure as there is no reason to SIDs (Sudden Infant Death).

“If love could have kept her here she would have lived forever. Now our beautiful angel has the best bed in heaven. Love forever, Mummy, Daddy, Queenie, Maurice and family.”

The inquest heard how Dolly had been particularly energetic on the day before her death. The family had enjoyed a day out visiting Brandon’s father, and returned home to Kingsclere.

However, Paige said that she was generally a “very sleepy baby” who often had to be woken for feeds.

The family-of-five had gone to bed together in the master bedroom on October 17. In the early hours of the morning, Paige woke up and took Dolly into her other daughter’s bedroom to feed her, and they fell asleep together in the single bed.

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At just after 9am, Paige woke up to find Dolly was not breathing. She ran into the main bedroom, where Brandon called 999 and followed the operator’s instructions to perform CPR.

Paramedics arrived in 13 minutes and took over. Dolly-Rebecca was taken into hospital, but was pronounced dead at 10.22am.

A post-mortem examination found no viruses, with tests showing she was “generally fit and well, and well looked after”.

A detective inspector in attendance at the inquest added that officers have carried out enquiries, as is normal in cases of infant death, and have no concerns.

He said: “We did a survey of the house and have no concerns at all. It was very clear that it was a very loving family environment, clean and tidy.”

Area coroner Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp issued a warning about co-sleeping and she recorded an open conclusion.

She said: “We just do not know how she died. I wish we did, because I think it would be of comfort.”

For advice and support in cases of stillbirth or neonatal death, visit charity SANDS at: sands.org.uk.

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