A GROUP of dancers from Basingstoke will compete on the world stage in a bid for international medal success.

Dancers from Basingstoke Academy of Dancing will travel to Spain on Thursday to take part in the Dance World Cup.

Thirty-nine performers from the Joule Road school will compete across several genres including commercial jazz, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, tap and song and dance. The entries include 10 group dances and a duet.

Owner Tanya Schipelbaum said: "It is going to be an amazing experience, they will meet so many people out there.

"Everyone doesn't mind what dances they do, they are all part of Team England."

The dancers, aged eight to 20, qualified after the academy sent videos of their performances to judges in November last year and were later told that they had been selected to be part of Team England.

"We've had weekly rehearsals since we qualified, we've worked really hard to prepare. They have been doing these routines for three or four hours a week," Tanya said.

The dancers have not just been practicing the routines, but they have spent time fundraising to be able to go to the competition. The group have carried out car washes, raffles and bikes rides to raise money.

Their jackets have also been sponsored by Winchester Skoda.

This is not the first time that the academy has qualified for the Dance World Cup and last year, in Telford, they experienced multiple medal success.

This year around 6,000 dancers from across the world are set to attend the competition.

The academy's younger dancers will be taking part in the opening parade, which they are said to be excited about.

Tanya added: "It has all been a bit stressful dodging Covid and Easyjet cancellations so hopefully we all get out there and be able to compete."

Anyone who wants to keep up to date the team's progress can do so by following their Instagram, Basingstoke Academy of Dancing.

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