Basingstoke has a new professional boxer.

Fynnlie Judd from Popley has already made his mark in the boxing world with three wins from three bouts.

He is now preparing for his fourth bout at the famous York Hall in Bethnal Green London at the end of this month.

The 23-year-old, who is “living his dream”, said his target is to first win the English titles and then go for the big World championship.

“When I first ever laid my eyes on a boxing glove, I dreamed to become the world champion,” Fynnlie told the Gazette.

“But for the steppingstones, I would be looking at the southern area titles and English titles as my short-term goals. The big end goal is to be the world champion.”

Basingstoke Gazette: Fynnlie Judd said he is living his dreamFynnlie Judd said he is living his dream

Fynnlie fell in love with boxing when he was 14 as he went to train with his cousin.

But he quit after one year as he shifted his focus to football and other sports.

But he then went back to boxing at 17 and he hasn’t looked back since.

“I just cracked on with it and realised my passion for the sport was very high.

“I've got a Hollywood factor about me as I’m an entertaining fighter. I've got an aggressive style. But I'm slowly trying to tame that and to have a bit more class in my fights. I have to let the aggressiveness come out in stages.”

He set a goal to turn pro when he was 21, but he achieved it a year early.

He had his first professional bout just 20 days before the country went into the first lockdown.

“I was quite fortunate to actually get that fight. But then obviously the momentum stopped after that [because of lockdown].

“Two years later and boxing's now fully back up and running now. I've just been cracking on and got two fights in already this year. I’m looking forward to my fourth bout this month.”

He has been fighting in the super welterweight category (70kg) until now. But for the next bout, he has shifted to the welterweight category (67kg).

“These boys I was fighting were about six-foot and six-foot-plus. I’m five-foot-nine. My goal is to become the biggest man in the ring. That’s why I changed the category. It's just an experiment. If it goes well I’ll stay in this division.”

Fynnlie, who was born and bred in Basingstoke, said he is from “the streets of Popley”.

“I love Basingstoke. I never had any thoughts of moving out of my town.”

He says he goes for all the fights to make his family proud.

Fynnlie’s partner Georgia is also his nutritionist and therapist. Their daughter Ivy is three years old.

“They are my everything. Whenever it gets tough I might need a little cry. So it’s nice to have a shoulder.

“My target is to reach my world-level goal when I’m 27. I'm gonna retire at 38 when Ivy is 18 and then she can go and do what she likes. Then I’m going to enjoy the rest of my life with my wifey.”

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