OAKLEY residents are preparing for the Front Garden Stalls event which aims to raise money for a variety of good causes.

The event, organised by the Oakley Community Association, is taking place on Saturday, June 25, and will see Oakley residents set up stalls in their front gardens to sell items.

The residents will be able to choose whether they keep their profits from the event or donate them to charitable causes of their choice.

One Oakley resident is selling a 1931 Imperial typewriter, with the proceeds going towards St Michael’s Hospice in Basingstoke.

Other items for sale at the stall will include artist crafted fused and stained-glass items, various books covering a variety of topics, an Italian designer coat, a vintage mirror and much more.

Other stalls taking part in the event will sell a range of items, from children’s clothes to books and toys, and even garden plants.

Some stalls will include honesty boxes, where browsers will be able to donate what they believe an item is worth.

A map showing the locations of participants will be available online at ocaoakley.org.uk ahead of the event.

Alternatively, a physical copy will be available for collection from outside Jolly Olly’s Coffee Shop.

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