Fuel prices jumped by more than 1p per litre in just a day earlier this week to reach new record highs.

The average price of a litre of petrol at UK forecourts on Tuesday (June 14) was 186.6p, according to data firm Experian.

The average price of diesel hit a new high of 192.5p per litre.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “New records in the average price of petrol have been set every day for the last month with a litre rising 21p, which has added more than £11 to a tank.

“RAC analysis of the cost of wholesale diesel shows it appears to be heading inexorably towards a previously unthinkable average of £2 a litre.

“Drivers appear to be up against the wall when it comes to high fuel prices, especially as the pound has lost so much ground on the dollar in the last week, which is bad news as fuel is traded in dollars.

“We hope the Government will now accept that it is the dramatic rise in wholesale prices that has led to forecourt misery for millions and act to ease their financial pain.”

As we head into another sunny weekend, we've ranked the central Basingstoke fuel stations by price per litre (lowest to highest) to help you decide where to top up.

Data is correct as of 6pm on Friday, June 17 via PetrolMap and is subject to change.


  • Tesco, District Shopping Centre: 185.9
  • Morrisons, Churchill Way West: 186.9
  • Texaco, Aldermaston Road: 187.9
  • Gales Garage, Aldermaston Road: 187.9
  • Sainsburys, Wallop Drive: 187.9
  • Texaco, Churchill Way West: 188.9
  • Texaco, Grove Road: 190.9
  • Shell, Worting Road: 191.9
  • Shell Winchester Road: 191.9
  • BP, Grove Road: 191.9


  • Morrisons, Churchill Way West: 191.9
  • Sainsburys, Wallop Drive: 191.9
  • Tesco, District Shopping Centre: 191.9
  • BP, Grove Road: 192.9
  • Shell, Worting Road: 193.9
  • Texaco, Aldermaston Road: 193.9
  • Gales Garage, Aldermaston Road: 193.9
  • Texaco, Churchill Way West: 195.9
  • Texaco, Grove Road: 195.9
  • Shell, Winchester Road: 196.9

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