John Hunt of Everest School opened in September 1970. It was situated along Popley Way and boasted large sports facilities and field areas.

Popley began to expand in the early 2000s. It was decided by Hampshire County Council that the land be sold off and the school rebuilt. Everest Community Academy then began life in Oxford Way.

The last term for John Hunt of Everest ended in July 2007. Soon after this, Wooldridge Demolition teams moved in to clear the site for housing development. The main road of the estate is now called John Hunt Way.

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Anthony Marsden was a former pupil at the school between 1990 and 1993. When the final term finally finished in July 2007, Anthony went back to his old school armed with a camera to document for many what was the sad demolition of a memorable site.

He told me “I thought it strange they were knocking it down as it was in the centre of the housing estates. To be honest I was a little sad watching it come down.”

Watching through the wire fencing, he was able to capture some excellent images.

John Hunt is still fondly remembered by many and loathed by others like any other school.

It boasted a mix of education and community use. It’s also where the Popley Festival began its life. An event that continues to this day on Carpenters Down fields.

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