HAMPSHIRE County Council has apologised to the residents for the power outage caused by their contractors accidentally damaging the underground network cables.

The council has confirmed that the incident occurred during the final piling works for the improvements to Brighton Hill roundabout.

It, however, blamed the incorrect mapping of the cabling for the incident, and said the information and records showed the fibre optic cabling to be in a different position.

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It also assured that the contractors will work with BT Openreach engineers through the night to restore the internet within the next 24 hours.

The council said in a tweet: “We apologise sincerely for the inconvenience caused to homes and businesses in the Basingstoke area by the power outage on BT's local phone and internet network.”

A spokesperson for the council said the local authority ensures its contractors have undertaken all checks to identify the location of underground services.

“This scheme was no exception but, unfortunately, the information and records available showed the fibre optic cabling to be in a different position which regrettably led to our contractor making contact with the cabling, while preparing for the final piling works for the improvements to Brighton Hill roundabout,” a spokesperson said.

“This has resulted in the power outage on BT’s local phone and internet network. Our contractors will be working continually, with BT Openreach engineers, through the night to restore normal service as soon as possible.

“It is expected that this will be completed within 24 hours, all being well.”

Meanwhile Stephen Reid, the County Councillor for Basingstoke South West, which includes Hatch Warren, Beggarwood and Kempshott, visited the Brighton Hill roundabout site to find out what has been happening to cause the Internet and phone outages around the area.

Cllr Reid said: "It appears that a digger went through cables that the plans were showing as being somewhere else. The contractors are providing access to them - they are deep in the ground - and BT Openreach are on site to effect the necessary repairs. As yet, it would be unsafe to quote a time to complete the remedial work.

"The damage is alongside the Winchester Road, on the side of the Brighton Hill retail park.

"A senior County Council officer is liasing with the contractors and will feed back extra information as it becomes available. I shall continue to monitor the situation."

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