Basingstoke Town FC’s star forward Conor Lynch has decided to leave the club after agreeing a deal to play at a newly promoted club at Step 3.

The club announced today (Tuesday, June 7) that the player will not be returning for the 2022-23 campaign.

Conor also shared a goodbye message on social media and assured fans that this is not a goodbye forever.

He wrote: “I would like to announce that my time as a Basingstoke player has come to an end.

“Firstly, I would like to thank everyone associated with Basingstoke Football Club as you’ve all been phenomenal with making me feel welcome over the last year/season and that is something that will never be forgotten. From the amazing fans, to the management staff to all the boys over the last season I would like to personally thank you as it’s been an absolute pleasure.

“The decision was far from easy and this isn’t a goodbye forever but unfortunately it is time for a new challenge and new chapter of my career.

“Good luck to Browns and Aaron for the upcoming season as I’m sure it’s going to be a successful one. Hope to see you all soon.”

Conor joined Basingstoke Town from Thatcham Town FC before the previous campaign. He went on to amass 27 goals in all competitions for the club.

The popular striker created some memorable moments including scoring two penalties against AFC Totton in the early rounds of the FA Cup and the close quarters volley against Northwood in a remarkably tight game. His final goal came in the final league game of the season versus Chalfont St Peter that secured Basingstoke Town’s place in the 2021/22 play-off semi-final.

Manager Dan Brownlie said: “He’s become a popular figure as all goal-scorers do here at Basingstoke. Whilst he’s only been with us for a year, he’s left his mark on the club and I’ve no doubt that we’ll continue to see his name pop-up in lights regularly next year too.

“We’ve spoken at length over the past few weeks and I know first hand that the decision didn’t come easily nor quickly to Conor as he knows what he is leaving behind, and that includes the relationship he’s created with our supporters.

“It’s a shame to lose him as well as his supportive family but we wish him the very best and of course thank him for all he did in blue and yellow.”

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