A NINE-year-old girl has celebrated jubilee by raising more than £100 for her school.

Olympia Thapaliya has raised £102.75 for Four Lanes Community Junior School in celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Olympia raised the money by setting up a stand selling cakes, biscuits and lemonade in front of her home in Meadowland.

She then invited her neighbours to purchase items from her stall.

In a letter addressed to the headteacher, Olympia expressed her desire for the money raised to go towards improving either the playground equipment or music facilities at the school.

Olympia also took the time to thank the residents of Meadowland for their support and contributions.

Olympia’s mum, Agata, said that she is “extremely proud” of her for managing to raise so much money.

Agata continued: “She was extremely happy with the result.

“She was quite worried that no one would arrive, that the neighbours would ignore the note or not read their mail, but obviously everyone arrived, and it was very good.

Olympia wishes to raise more money for the school in the future.

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