A PAIR of boys are raising money for their school by completing laps of a nearby park.

Arcadia Close residents Max Mortimer and Milo Holiday, both 6, have been raising money for their school, St Marks Primary, as part of its “Grow 70p” challenge.

The boys are raising money by running laps of the park on Arcadia Close.

Max and Milo plan to complete 70 laps of the park.

At time of writing, they have completed 35 laps, with the deadline for completing the laps being Friday, June 10.

The money the boys raise will go towards new outdoor equipment for the school, as well as a bench commemorating The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

At time of writing the boys have raised £585, beating their original goal of £70.

The two boys have been best friends for almost all their lives, having attended the same nursery and are in the same class at school.

The Grow 70p challenge is being run by St Mark’s Primary School.

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Each student was given 70 pence, alongside the challenge to use that money to raise as much as possible in three weeks.

It was Max and Milo’s idea to run the 70 laps around the park to raise money, with their classmates who were also taking part in the Grow 70p challenge doing other activities to raise money.

Max’s mum Josie said that she and Milo’s mum, Linda, are both incredibly proud of the boys.

Josie said: “I think they have shown real motivation and commitment.

“They have made it fun and interesting in terms of how they have done the laps.

“They do some of them jogging, some of them they have sprinted round really quickly, they’ve split it up into real chunks and agreed each evening how many they are going to do and sometimes they do more than they’ve said.

“It’s been nice watching them do it together, they have a real bond.”

She also said that Max and Milo are incredibly excited about managing to raise so much money for charity, saying: “Every morning, when Max wakes up, I know Milo is the same with Linda, asking how much the total has gone up to now.

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“And they are just really excited to share it back at the end of this week with the school.”

Josie also took the time to praise the Grow 70p challenge, saying: “It’s worth to acknowledge how tough Covid has been on all schools, and what an impact that’s had on funds the schools have.

“So, I think it’s a really great initiative to get some fundraising activity and get some money back into the schools.”

To find out more about Max and Milo’s fundraiser, or to donate, visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/Max-Milo-growing-70p-for-st-marks-school?utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=poster.

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