ONE of the iconic sieges of the Civil Wars, The Battle of Basing House, had it all – multiple sieges, a plot, personalities and celebrities of the day, triumph and disaster, and outrage.

In the words of reenactment organisers The Sealed Knot, Basing House "typified the doggedness of the Royalist cause and the determination of Parliament".

As part of the 2022 Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations on Friday and Saturday (June 3 and 4) hundreds of historical re-enactors re-created the sights and sounds of the siege.

The popular event returned to Basing Common, and the Gazette's photographer snapped this gallery of stunning action shots.

The displays started at 2pm each day, telling the story of Basing House through the sieges between 1642-1645, culminating in the storming of the house.

Alongside the battle was a Living History display within the grounds of Basing House, where you could get up and close to more of what life was like during this period.

Today the remaining house and grounds are cared for by Hampshire Cultural Trust (HCT), which joined The Sealed Knot in integrating the house grounds into the overall event.

The Sealed Knot is a charity which commemorates and educated people on the history on the English civil war which started in 1642.

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