AS FUEL prices show no sign of coming down, filling up your vehicle is beginning to be a dreaded task.

Petrol prices rose by nearly 3p per litre in a week, figures show.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) said the average price of a litre of petrol at UK forecourts was a record 170.4p on Monday (May 30). That was up from 167.6p a week earlier.

The average price of diesel on Monday was 182.4p per litre, up from 181.2p last week.

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, said: “Millions of drivers will now be faced with a bill of £100 or more to fill up their cars.

“While many drivers will sensibly be seeking to maximise their miles per gallon by going easy on the throttle, the risk now is that some might misjudge the difference between running low and running out in the hope that tomorrow’s prices will be lower.

“But we wouldn’t bet against the pain increasing further, with oil pushing up above the 120 US dollars a barrel mark and the wholesale price of petrol still rising.”

But for many, continuing to pay for fuel isn't a choice, so we've ranked the Basingstoke town centre fuel stations by price per litre (low to high) to help you out.

This data is correct as of 10.30am on Sunday, June 5.


  1. Gales Garage, Aldermaston Road: 171.9
  2. Texaco, Grove Road: 171.9
  3. Texaco, Churchill Way West: 172.9
  4. Sainsburys, Wallop Drive: 172.9
  5. Tesco, District Shopping Centre: 173.9
  6. Shell, Worting Road: 174.9
  7. Shell, Winchester Road: 174.9
  8. Morrisons, Churchill Way West: 175.9
  9. Texaco, Aldermaston Road: 176.9
  10. BP, Grove Road: 178.9



  1. Shell, Worting Road: 177.9
  2. Gales Garage, Aldermaston Road: 179.9
  3. Sainsburys, Wallop Drive: 180.9
  4. Texaco, Churchill Way West: 181.9
  5. Morrisons, Churchill Way West: 181.9
  6. Texaco, Aldermaston Road: 183.9
  7. Texaco, Grove Road: 183.9
  8. Tesco, District Shopping Centre: 183.9
  9. Shell, Winchester Road: 184.9
  10. BP, Grove Road: 185.9


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