Dear Editor,

I was dismayed by the article headlined ‘Health leaders urge parents to book Covid jab for children’ It is basically Government propaganda, with very little, if any real time data or fact. There is growing evidence of harm and death caused by these injections and increasing numbers of people are making claims for vaccine damage.

It is abhorrent in this climate that parents are now being manipulated into having their young children injected with something that has no benefit and a real risk of harm. There is no safety data, actually quite the contrary. There is a mountain of data, released by Pfizer and the FDA under court order that proves these injections are not safe at all and no healthy person should risk their immediate or future health for something that does not stop infection or spread of the virus.

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These injections should have been paused some time ago, instead the harm continues and now we are injecting children, with no idea how they will suffer down the line.

Most children aged five to 11 have asymptomatic or mild disease following infection with SARS-CoV-2. Some may experience post-Covid-19 symptoms lasting longer than a few days. Children aged five to 11 years who are not in a Covid-19 clinical risk group are at extremely low risk of developing severe Covid-19 disease.

Vaccination of children aged five to 11 who are not in a clinical risk group is anticipated to prevent a small number of hospitalisations and intensive care admissions in this population and would provide short-term protection against non-severe infection.

In comparison to the rest of the population/older age groups, evidence indicates that children aged five to 11 are at the very lowest risk from Covid-19. Rates of hospitalisation, paediatric intensive care admission and death are lower in this age group than in all older age groups. In addition, the high level of prior infection in this age group of children can be expected to contribute towards their natural immunity against reinfection. There are some data to suggest that natural immunity may last longer than vaccine-induced immunity against non-severe infection.

Absolutely no justification to inject five- to 11-year-olds.

C. Walker