A BASINGSTOKE woman has been forced to pay more than 18 times the price of her train ticket after her phone died and she failed to produce it for inspection.

On November 24 2021, Sian Johan McLaughlin, of Doswell Way, was travelling by train between Sheffield and Manchester Piccadilly.

Upon arrival, the 25-year-old was requested to produce a ticket but was unable to do so.

When asked why, she said that she had travelled from Sheffield but her ticket was on her phone and the battery was flat.

Her details were obtained and she was advised the facts would be reported.

Following the incident, a letter was sent to McLaughlin, requesting either payment of the fare or proof of purchase.

As there was no response, a Fixed Penalty letter was then sent, however this remains unpaid.

The cost of the 'dodged' fare was £23.20.

At Manchester and Salford Magistrates' Court on May 13 2022, the case was proved by the single justice procedure.

McLaughlin was handed a £220 fine, plus compensation of £23.20, costs of £150 and a £34 surcharge, making a total of £427.20.

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