PATIENTS at four GP surgeries in Basingstoke are to be given access to their NHS GP services via a new mobile app.

The Camrose, Gillies and Hackwood (CGH) Partnership, run by Operose Health, is planning to roll out the app Dr. iQ next month, which offers a wide range of services including ordering medication, online consultations, and self-care advice.

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The app can be downloaded for free via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Dr Anna Reed, a GP at CGH, said: “Dr. iQ is an important addition to the traditional services we provide at the practice. Patients will have the choice to use the app for a wide range of services such as medication requests, medical certificates, online consultations for several medical conditions and reception desk type queries such as chasing a referral.

“By using the app, patients can avoid having to call the surgery and wait in a queue. This is a more convenient way of accessing our services and also means other patients who may have more serious issues can speak with my team more quickly.”

The Gazette reported in February problems for patients trying to get through to CGH Partnership, with some having to wait more than an hour on the phone.

The app will allow patients to register with the surgery; conduct online consultation; order medications; update health data from home such as blood pressure readings; make reception desk queries; and access NHS self-care advice.

More than 230,000 patients are now using the app across England, and it has had more than a million interactions in the last 12 months.

Some patients who are members of the CGH patient participation group in Basingstoke have been trialling Dr. iQ before it goes fully live.

Dr Reed said: “Dr. iQ was developed by our doctors and has been used extensively by patients and staff. Patients can be reassured that behind all the technology sits a whole team of clinicians and experts making sure patients get the right advice and care as quickly as possible.

“Dr. iQ is another example of our investment in the services for our Basingstoke patients and is supporting the NHS to make the most of the digital world.”

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