A PUB has launched a new “doggy” menu and it's already getting good reviews.

The Dragonfly Pub in Basingstoke has launched a new dog friendly menu, “Jefferey’s Doggy Menu”.

The menu was created by pub owners Gordon and Conny Marshall and features a selection of small nibbles and main courses, with a variety of flavours including vegan options.

The menu has received extensive taste testing by Jeff, Gordon and Conny’s English Bulldog, with the menu even baring the beloved pooch’s name.

Gordon said that the menu was inspired by Conny and her love of dogs, saying: “She’s absolutely dog mad!

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“She said we should actually do something for the dogs where it will entice the owners to come in.

“We decided we could feed the dogs outside and sat down with my chefs and drew up the menu, nice and simple.”

When the menu was posted to Dragonfly’s Facebook page, it proved to be very popular, with the menu going somewhat viral.

Gordon continued: “When we actually put the doggy menu up, it had, I think it was in the first 48 hours, 23,500 hits which was quite amazing.

“Especially for a local menu, it went a bit crazy!

“I’ve got people calling me, a guy called me from Newcastle who saw it asked me how I go about doing it, so I told him!

“It’s absolutely nuts; we thought it was just a little local thing we could do as something special for the dogs, but it seems to have gone a bit nuts.”

The Dragonfly will offer the menu during the summer months, although Gordon said that the pub will continue offering the menu on sunny days later in the year.

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“It will be through the summer months, but it will be as long as the summer lasts, basically.

“But if we have a good day outside in winter time, we’ll put the menu on!”

The Dragonfly is based on Carpenter’s Down, in Basingstoke.

While only service dogs are allowed inside the pub itself, other dogs are more than welcome in the Dragonfly’s beer garden.

More information about The Dragonfly can be found by visiting https://www.dragonflypubbasingstoke.co.uk/, or by visiting the pubs Facebook page.

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