SHOCKING photos released by the RSPCA show the condition of a sick dog who was subject to "inhumane" neglect by her owner.

As previously reported, Mark Daniel, of Mullins Close, Oakridge, was accused of mistreatment of his dog, Beauty, in that he failed to get care for her and kept her in “disgusting and unsafe” conditions.

Despite several attempted visits from RSPCA inspectors between February and May 2021, the 45-year-old failed to answer or respond.

Three police officers attended the property on May 7, 2021, and ownership of the dog was passed to the RSPCA.

Following assessment by a vet at The Barn Animal Hospital in Old Basing, Beauty was later euthanised for “humanitarian reasons”.

At Basingstoke Magistrates Court on Tuesday, May 17 2022, Daniel failed to attend for trial. Despite an application for adjournment by Hita Mashru, defending, District Judge Tim Pattinson ruled that the prosecution could proceed with the case in his absence.

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Thomas Blackburn, prosecuting, told the court how RSPCA inspectors could see rubbish and dried faeces on the floor, through the window of the property, and in the garden during their many visits.

Meanwhile, he said officers who visited the property described the living conditions as “dirty and squalid” and “no place for anybody to live”. They added it was “disgusting and unsafe” with “a smell of decay and rot”.

Mr Blackburn continued: “The dog was found slumped on the floor in an upstairs bedroom and unable to move on its own.”

The court heard further evidence from vet Dr Sean Taylor, who performed a post-mortem examination on Beauty.

Dr Taylor said that there was “substantial” arthritic change, as well as the presence of several tumours and claws between two and five centimetres long, suggesting lack of exercise.

“What we expect from a dog owner is to say, that is not normal for my dog and I need to seek vetinary advice,” said Dr Taylor.

“I am in no doubt that this dog would have suffered. From a pain perspective, this would been high. The other type of suffering you have to take into account is mental suffering, with the animal being unable to be a dog.”

Finding Daniel guilty of the offence, Judge Pattinson said: “The evidence is absolutely overwhelming that Mr Daniel is guilty of this offence. There is no question that Beauty was suffering.

“The failure to do anything is not in any way conduct of a reasonably competent and humane person.”

A warrant was issued for Daniel’s arrest ahead of sentencing.

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