A PLANNING application to build a distribution depot at Oakdown Farm in Dummer has been refused by the development control committee of Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council.

Seven councillors in the committee voted in favour of the refusal of the application, while four councillors voted against the decision to refuse.

The committee voted to refuse the application based on the detrimental impact of the proposed development on the character and visual amenity of the landscape, including views across, to, within and out of settlements, and failure to mitigate these.

This is the second time the council has refused the application by Newlands Developments to build a warehouse near the Junction 7.

In October last year, members of the council’s development control committee had refused Newlands’ previous application - understood to be earmarked for Amazon.

Newlands then submitted a revised planning application to the council to build a distribution hub – this time for Lidl.

The amended application was 65 per cent smaller than the previous application on floor space - down from 271,000 square metres to 101,000 square metres.

It is not confirmed whether Newlands will appeal against the council’s decision.

To read more about how the development control committee arrived at the decision to refuse the application, go through our live blog here.