FUEL prices are showing no signs of reducing, as residents in Basingstoke have noticed yet another sharp increase in recent days.

Diesel prices have soared to a new record high despite the cut in fuel duty, figures show.

The average cost of a litre of the fuel at UK forecourts on Monday (May 9) was 178.4p, according to Government data.

The previous record of 177.5p was set two days before Chancellor Rishi Sunak implemented a 5p per litre cut in fuel duty on March 23.

Meanwhile, petrol prices have nearly returned to the level seen before the duty cut.

The average cost of the fuel was 163.7p per litre on Monday, compared with 165.4p on March 21.

We have complied a list of ten places to fill up in Basingstoke, ranked from cheapest to most expensive per litre, according to PetrolMap.

The data is correct as of 3pm on Sunday, May 15 2022.


1) Shell, Worting Road: 161.9

2) Morrisons, Churchill Way West: 165.9

3) Texaco, Aldermaston Road: 165.9

4) Texaco, Churchill Way West: 165.9

5) Gales Garage, Aldermaston Road: 165.9

6) Sainsburys, Wallop Drive: 165.9

7) BP, Grove Road: 167.9

8) Tesco, District Shopping Centre: 167.9

9) Shell, Winchester Road: 168.9

10) Texaco, Grove Road: 169.9


1) Morrisons, Churchill Way West: 176.9

2) Sainsburys, Wallop Drive: 176.9

3) Shell, Worting Road: 177.9

4) Texaco, Aldermaston Road: 178.9

5) Tesco, District Shopping Centre: 178.9

6) Texaco, Churchill Way West: 179.9

7) Shell, Winchester Road: 179.9

8) Gales Garage, Aldermaston Road: 179.9

9) Texaco, Grove Road: 181.9

10) BP, Grove Road: 182.9


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