OVERTON Dramatic Society are excited to be back on stage with a fantastic musical hit, named [title of show].

No, that’s not a mistake. This modern, clever and engaging musical follows the story of two young men writing their very own musical...yet to be named.

Set in a New York loft, Jeff and Hunter set out to create a new show for a festival...in just three weeks! With the help of their actress friends, Susan and Heidi, can they do it?

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The songs are catchy and the show itself has a wonderful storyline about love, individuality and creativity.

Director, Alice Ellingham, is really excited to be back directing after covid restrictions lead to the cancellation of her ‘dream show’, she said.

She added: “In March 2020, we were a third of our way through our rehearsal time for Chicago, when we went into our first lockdown. As director, I was so disappointed. This was a ‘dream show’ for many of our cast, but as the length of lockdown was unknown, we eventually lost the licence the chance to perform.”

It wasn’t all doom and gloom, as ODS, being as innovative as they could, chose to put on an online show in May 2021. Using Zoom, they performed a specially written production for video calls, called ‘Bad Auditions’ and are delighted to have been awarded the South East NODA District Accolade of Excellence for the performance.

Alice said: “The more I listened to the music, the more I loved the songs. The lyrics are insanely clever, the harmonies are luscious, and we all get musical-geek joy from the little earworms from dozens of other musicals, which are scattered through the show.”

Andrew Walker (Jeff), Rob Bailey (Hunter), Kate Galvin (Heidi), Alice Facey (Susan) and their pianist, Frank Bell (Larry) have worked incredibly hard since the beginning of the year, tackling complex songs and plenty of lines. Along with all of the arts and local theatres, they truly deserve support. In return, you won’t be disappointed.

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With references to famous West End shows, including Rent and Wicked, if you love musicals then [Title of Show] will be a new favourite.

Come along to St Mary’s Hall, Overton, from Wednesday 25 to Saturday 28 May.

Curtain up 7.45pm. Tickets from £7.50. Order via their website overtondramatic.co.uk/ticket-sales/ or The Party Booth, 5 High Street, Overton.

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