POLITICAL parties across Basingstoke have made their pitches ahead of the upcoming election.

On Thursday, May 5, residents in Basingstoke and Deane will head to the polls to elect new councillors across 18 wards.

In this year’s election there are 19 seats up for grabs, with one seat being contested in each ward except from Whitchurch, Overton and Laverstoke where there are two seats up for grabs due to Ian Tilbury’s resignation at the end of March.

The Gazette asked all parties to make their pitches ahead of polling day on why electors should vote for their candidates.

After polling day, the election count and results will take place on May 6 at the Hampshire Court Hotel.

Last year, following a reshuffle of ward boundaries, a whole new council was elected. The Conservatives came out with 33 of the 54 seats on offer leaving them with a majority of five.

Alongside the Conservatives, there are currently 10 Labour councillors, five Basingstoke and Deane Independent councillors, five Liberal Democrats and one independent, the final seat is vacant.


Basingstoke Gazette:

Current leader of Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, Cllr Simon Bound said: “Our borough is a great success with low unemployment and good jobs. It is a magnet for business investment and continues to be a great place to live.

“By voting Conservative you can be sure that strong, united, sensible policies will continue and your money will be used wisely to maintain excellent council services that we know residents value.

“These elections are about who runs the borough not about national politics and we continue to keep council tax in our area at a low level delivering great value for money.

“Vote Conservative and you can depend on the delivery of our climate change and ecological objectives. We have a clear plan for the regeneration of our town centre and Leisure Park, including the Aquadrome and working with the current operator for a modern ice rink.

“The Conservative-run council is focussed on delivering a new robust Local Plan that will stop speculative developers in their tracks while only bringing forward the well built and well planned new homes that we need.

“Please continue to support your hard working Conservative councillors when you vote on 5th May to keep our borough a great place to live and work.”


Basingstoke Gazette: BDBC Elections 2021
 Cllr Andy McCormick for Brighton Hill
Centre Court Hotel, Basinsgtoke
Sunday 9th May 2021

Leader of the Basingstoke and Deane Labour Group, Cllr Andy McCormick said: “We are facing a cost of living crisis not seen for decades, and the government’s response has been woeful. While most people are struggling, Conservative councillors awarded their cabinet members a 6.5 per cent pay increase, while they gave the council staff 1.75 per cent.

“Labour is the main party of opposition in Basingstoke. We have a bold vision for the future of this borough.

“We tabled the Climate Emergency motion, and we need to accelerate our efforts. We built Festival Place, and we need to act again to revive the town centre.

“Labour councils across the country are leading the way with the Green Economy, and have lower council tax.

“At national level, we’re calling for an Emergency Budget to help people cope with rising fuel and food prices outstripping wages. At local level, we need to offer grants to help people insulate their homes and reduce their reliance on fossil fuels for heating and transport.

“Enough is enough. It is time for change. Send a message to Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak, as well as your Conservative councillors.

“Vote Labour, and remove the Conservatives from office.”

Liberal Democrats

Basingstoke Gazette:

Cllr Gavin James, Basingstoke Liberal Democrat leader, said: “No party in Basingstoke and Deane is fielding more candidates than the Liberal Democrats as we continue to grow as a party here.

“We work all year round in seats we win, people see a real difference in their neighbourhood.

“In the council we demand better, whether that is additional support for the Citizens Advice Bureau during a cost of living crisis or better services. It makes no sense that tax has gone up, parking permits doubled and yet the Tories keep cutting.

“We think Basingstoke and Deane should be going greener. The roll out of electric charging points has been to slow, the move to make new development passive stalled. The reaction to both climate and bio-diversity emergencies has been depressing.

“Whilst local issues matter, the other issue on the doorstep is Boris Johnson’s disrespect of the law and the people he is supposed to serve. Weddings cancelled, funeral missed and our children denied the shirt signing, prom and exams that mark the end of their schooling. Life defining, once in a lifetime moments they’ll never have. Boris made no such sacrifices.

“Voting Lib Dem will send a message to him and our local MPs who support him.”

Basingstoke and Deane Independents

Basingstoke Gazette:

Cllr Paul Harvey, leader of the Basingstoke and Deane Independents, said: "As Independents we put our communities first. It’s time to take party politics out of the huge decisions about the future of our borough.

"The Conservative-led council are following a strategy to grow Basingstoke to 250,000 people - that’s a 25 per cent increase on today’s population. This is driving the Local Plan which will result in 18,000 houses. The character of our communities is under threat from that scale of growth.

"The cost-of-living crisis is hitting many people hard, and we need to ensure that the council supports the most vulnerable

"With the council one of the richest in the country we need local investment to deliver the infrastructure, services, and recreational facilities that people need. This growing population needs GP services; schools; and houses people can afford. It is vital to strengthen our vibrant communities.

"The borough’s countryside is important. To protect our environment, we must tackle climate change seriously and stop dumping sewage in our rivers.

"The council's lack of support for leisure; the football club, ice rink and swimming pool is shocking.

"There’s so much we want to do for our communities, we need Independent voices to challenge and balance the council now more than ever."

Hampshire Independents

Basingstoke Gazette: Alan Stone, independent candidate in BasingstokeAlan Stone, independent candidate in Basingstoke

The Hampshire Independents leadership team said: “Hampshire Independents has no national political affiliation, we are very much our own people. As such, we can represent our local area to a much greater extent than any national party candidate. Our councillor candidates are all independently minded but following a united core of decency. A belief that the individual matters, you matter. A belief that local council staff should be there to not just dictate rules but to assist communities to resolve their own issues, like transport links, parking problems or childcare solutions. Involving residents in decision making can get results. There is no perfect place and no perfect answers but together, we can make life better.

“Our candidates have pledged to give their allowances to the community they serve.

“We must fight the insane plans to build tens of thousands of new homes without any real plans for the extra doctors, dentists, childcare and even parking.

“We will insist that sewage overflows are not sent into the streams or rivers.

“We can demand recycling and rubbish dumping is free, it’s the best way to stop fly-tipping.

“We are not against growth but believe that we must fix what is already here before building any more.”

Green Party

Basingstoke Gazette:

Bill Farrington, chair of Basingstoke and North East Hampshire Hampshire Green Party, said: "In September 2019, the Conservative-led council declared a climate emergency stating Basingstoke and Deane should become a carbon neutral borough by 2030. Since then what has been achieved?

"Housing estates that are far from carbon neutral and built on green-field locations have become the norm. Green space is not being protected by the council; why is Old Down not granted Local Nature Reserve Status or the River Lodden protected from sewage pollution?

"When challenged, we often find the stock answer from the council is “who is going to pay for it”. This ignores the clear benefits of green policies; are we not in a fuel poverty crisis due to the failure to adopt appropriate green forms of energy that would have been cheaper and produce less pollution? In reality, we are all paying now for the failure to adopt green policies and this will continue unless there are Greens on the council influencing decisions. We want to work alongside all parties to achieve greener policies and a vote for Green Party candidates would send a message to the council that action on climate change is needed immediately."

Women's Equality

Basingstoke Gazette: Women's Equality candidate Stacy HartWomen's Equality candidate Stacy Hart

The party said: "Societies that have more equality do better. ALL the people in them do better. That’s statistical fact. But our party was founded out of necessity because other parties see women's rights as a niche issue, instead of a reflection of a fair and equal society, and aren't making the groundbreaking changes that will make us all happier, healthier, wealthier and safer.

"We need a care-led recovery from the pandemic which recognises the value of frontline and unpaid care work, and how desperately we need it. We need proper investment in childcare so all people can make the best economic choices to support their households. We need an overhaul of political and policing structures that are too often rooted in sexism and racism, and a fairer, more equal political system that gives everyone a seat at the table. Changes like these would revolutionise our society, and WE are the only ones calling for them.

"WE will bring this lens of equality, scrutiny and independence to all local issues, following our months of hard work engaging with hundreds of residents on ward doorsteps to be able to properly represent them. You can see the fruits of this work in our local issues YouTube videos where we address development, infrastructure, the environment and more."

Alliance for Democracy and Freedom

Basingstoke Gazette:

Sarah Packman, Bramley candidate for Alliance for Democracy and Freedom, said: “Like most people, I’ve spent the majority of my adult life focused on building a solid financial future for myself and my family. I trusted our democracy and our politicians to ‘do the right thing’ without my help or encouragement. In short, I trusted the integrity of our institutions to protect the majority from the greed and hubris of the minority. How wrong I was.

“The local issues we are suffering are as a direct result of the decay of political ethics and a complete lack of competence amongst our political class. For this reason I’m proudly standing for the Alliance for Democracy and Freedom rather than as an independent. Whilst I will represent our local communities vigorously, I believe that we cannot stem the tide of overdevelopment, loss of valuable agricultural land and the unsustainable ‘green’ policies in Bramley ward, without a voice in Whitehall.

“With 35 years as a senior corporate executive and business owner, I know how to add value and efficiency.

“You won’t find me ‘schmoozing’ at fetes; I’ll be busy examining the financials and holding people to account.”