A BASINGSTOKE taxi driver has been suspended following an incident at the weekend during which a 66-year-old man was injured.

A spokesperson for Alpha Cars in Basingstoke said its driver had “failed on this occasion to fulfil his duties” after the altercation, which has been reported to the police.

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The taxi was picking up a customer from outside the White Hart in London Road, Basingstoke at around 12.30am on Sunday morning when the incident happened.

A 66-year-old man was taken to hospital with injuries to his face.

A spokesperson for Alpha Cars said: “As this incident has been reported to the police and the licensing authority for possible prosecution of the driver and / or revocation of his taxi driver’s licence, there is little we are able to say at present.

“We are, however, in contact with the licensing authority and will co-operate fully with them and the police in connection with their investigations into the driver’s alleged actions.

“We encourage anyone who saw the incident to contact the police.

“Incidents, such as that alleged, should never occur and, no matter what happened, it seems clear that the driver failed on this occasion to fulfil his duties to the high standards we expect.

“In the circumstances, we have suspended the driver from work. We are in contact with the injured passenger and will give him whatever help and support we can.”

Tom Payne, the borough council’s interim executive director for residents’ services, said the council’s licensing team is aware of the incident and will “work closely with Hampshire police to support their investigation into the matter”.

He added: “The council’s role is to set the licensing policies and standards that all drivers, owners and operators have to meet. These standards are designed to ensure that passengers are safely transported and are confident that the drivers and vehicles have been checked and reach the high standards set by the team. If these standards are not met then the council will investigate and take appropriate enforcement action.”

Hampshire Constabulary has been asked for further information.

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