A MOTHER of two from Basingstoke has been left “absolutely petrified ” that the ceiling of her family home is going to collapse due to her leaking bath.

Forty-year-old Kerry Humby who lives in Brighton Hill on Carmichael Way with her five-year-old son and 16-year-old daughter has had a leaking bath for “several years” which has now left a hole in the ceiling with water leaking through onto the electricity box.

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She said: “I have had problems now for years and it has been quite a hectic situation. It is all regarding the bath and when the new bath was put in about five years ago now.

“I had a new bath and they put the new tiles on and it started leaking quite a lot and it gradually started coming through the ceiling and it has now been coming through the ceiling for years.”

Kerry said she has ‘lost count' of how many times Ian Williams, who are the contractors for the Stonewater housing property have come out and she is now at "breaking point".

She added: “Underneath the bath, there is a hole you can put your foot down and it is rotten, which has made it all unsafe meaning we have to watch the ceiling underneath.”

Kerry and her children have becoming increasingly worried about the ceiling falling in.

She added: “It is absolutely horrific now and I am absolutely petrified and I was told it would be the weight of the water and I even rang and told them ‘my ceiling is going to fall in how you can leave me like this?’"

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A spokesperson from Stonewater, said: "We are sorry that Ms Humby has experienced a leak in her home and that she is concerned about the likelihood of further damage to the kitchen ceiling before the repair is completed.

"We understand Ms Humby’s frustration as this is not the first repair that has been completed in her bathroom but can confirm that our contractor visited the property on 4th April to replace the bath waste, trap and overflow to the bath.

"Because water in the bath is still slow to drain away our contractor visited the property again. They have been authorised to remove the bath and refit it at a higher level and replace the tiling with aqua panels to rectify the problem. This work is scheduled to be completed on 21st April."

They said the "bath is safe to use".

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