A GROUP of residents who campaigned to save a library in Basingstoke said improvements have turned the library into a place that ‘sings inspiration’ almost two years after they campaigned to save it from closure.

The campaign group named Friends of Chineham Library managed to convince Hampshire County Council to reconsider shutting the library in Chineham.

As previously reported, ten libraries across Hampshire including three locally faced being permanently shut down.

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Chineham library was given a reprieve after previously being put on the shortlist for closure, whilst South Ham and Odiham were not so lucky.

Since then, the library has had improvements made to its facilities, which the campaign group are extremely happy about.

Mother of one Jane Jocelyn, who is a member of the group, said the improvements have breathed some life back into the library, despite it still being a quarter of the size is used to be.

She said: “I think it is just a much more inspirational space and a place where you want to go to read. As a mother myself it is now a place where I want to take my child to read.

“It is a place that sings and it is so much brighter, which I think makes it a space where you would want to spend quality time with others.

“It is much more efficient for reading now.”

She said improvements made to the library include layout changes, painting the walls white to make the space a lighter place for reading, brand-new library furniture and coves where you can “snuggle up with a book”.

She said there are also stickers on the wall including Paddington Bear and his suitcase, with each sticker hinting to a popular children’s story book.

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Jane said the group are particularly happy that the walls have been painted white, which makes it a much brighter space for reading.

As previously reported Friends of Chineham Library's campaign was applauded by Hampshire County Council Councillor, Cllr Sean Woodward but the group has expressed their disappointment that South Ham library closed.

Jane said the library shut on March 14 for the improvements to be made and reopened on March 25.

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