A FATHER of two from Basingstoke has been left amazed after he spotted a 'mysterious object' in his back garden which could be a 'UFO'.

Forty three-year-old Trevor Baker, who lives in South Ham said he spotted the alien-like object while bird watching last month (March 20).

Trevor Baker, said: “I was just filming in slow motion from my back garden and you know the kites that fly around the birds, I had put some food out for it and I was trying to get a picture of them." 

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He continued: “When I go frame by frame, literally within one second, I have managed to screenshot the object like six times over the sky."

Despite a “few” of his friends thinking it was "just a fly", Trevor said the strange-looking object is "definitely" a UFO.

He added: “I was trying to think how could something that far away move so quickly but the more you zoom in it can get a bit blurry.

“I thought it was a UFO and when I screenshotted it, it literally disappears in one frame and then appears again in another frame so it is not like a continuous thing that you can see flying through the sky but its there and then it disappears so it made me think I had found something.”

Trevor said he “100 per cent” believes in UFO’s.

Basingstoke Gazette:

He added: “I do believe in them, and we are definitely not alone.”

Trevor said he has always enjoys looking at the night sky.

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He added: “On a clear night I am always in my garden looking up and I have seen hundreds of satellites and shooting stars, I love them. I have seen loads of shooting stars and I have even got my kids into it as well.

“I showed them and they were like ‘yeah whatever dad’.

"Several years ago me and my daughter were walking the dog I was explaining what a shooting star is and I said 'see that star up there' and all of a sudden we saw one and she was so amazed."

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