A PARAPLEGIC racing driver from Basingstoke has moved closer to his goal of making motorsport history with his first every drive in a brand-new McLaren GT4.

Aaron Morgan, 31, drives for Team BRIT which aims to be the first ever all-disabled team to race in the Le Mans 24 hour.

He has been paraplegic since he broke his back in a motocross accident when he was 15. But a spirited Aaron immediately got back into motorsport, taking driving lessons from the hospital ward on which he was recovering and later became the youngest ever disabled driver to obtain a National B-race licence.

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Aaron uses the team’s world-leading hand control technology to enable him to race on equal terms against able-bodied competitors. A full-time IT specialist, Aaron is supported in his racing by his employer, global IT solutions provider, CDW.

Team BRIT’s goal of making motorsport history at the iconic race is moving closer as it unveiled its car for 2022 – a brand new McLaren 570S GT4 in October last year.

Aaron has been selected to drive the McLaren alongside teammate Bobby Trundley from Wokingham, and last week, the pair flew out to the Algarve International Circuit in Portimao, Portugal.

Aaron and Bobby spent three days testing the car on the iconic Portimao track, supported by Team BRIT’s specialist crew of engineers, all working to ensure the car is in the best shape with the optimum set up for round 1 of the British GT Championship which will be held at Oulton Park on the April 16 and 18.

Despite never driving the car before, Aaron’s lap times would have qualified him for the front row of similar GT championships held at Portimao.

Aaron said: “This has honestly been one of the greatest weeks of my life. Everything about our time in Portugal was incredible. The track, the crew, and of course the car. Our team worked so hard to fine tune the car, developing the best set up, ironing out any issues with the hand controls, and coaching Bobby and I to drive the car to its maximum performance.

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“It’s an incredible car and I quickly made progress, setting some of the best lap times in my career. This is just the start – Bobby and I have so much to give and we’re going to shock so many people with our performance on the track this year. Disability does not have to stand in the way of anything you set your mind to.”

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