Dear Editor,

Regarding the letter written by the Jab protester (Letters, February 10) .

The Gazette report was in my view neither divisive, confrontational and hatred as the writer seems to think.

The writer says they are not anti-vax but pro-choice but they then go on to give a continuous stream of anti-vax so-called ‘facts’.

There has always been a choice, you do not have to have the jab, no one is marching you down to the jab centre, the choice is yours.

Perhaps they can tell us where there was a requirement for all children to have the Covid-jab, this is pure scare mongering.

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The media to my mind did a reasonable job of informing, I did not see it as propaganda nor fear mongering to fuel the so called hatred and division.

Using the latest ONS figures of 140,000 Covid deaths with no other underlying causes is not insignificant to my mind.

Basingstoke Gazette: Protestors at Basingstoke hospital. Image: Steve RolfeProtestors at Basingstoke hospital. Image: Steve Rolfe

The incidents of suicides through the pandemic have not gone through the roof in fact they went down in 2020 compared with 2019 and were no higher in 2021 from preliminary figures again ons figures.

Where did they get the figures for an increase in people being found in an advance state of decomposition, I cannot find any such information, suspect it is another dreamt up non-fact.

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I would really like to know what these anti-vax or pro-choice would have done about Covid? After all the rest of the world’s governments seem to have followed the same course as our governments have, some being far more stricter than the UK.

Admittedly we do have difficulty seeing our GPs but that was understandable given the circumstances and you could always get the 119 phone.

We were at war in the fight against Covid, how many times did we hear of an anti-vaxxer wishing they had had the jab before they died.

The choice is still yours, you do not have to have the jab, over 90 per cent of us have had it with no harm to us other than maybe a sore arm.

Chris Harris


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