BASINGSTOKE Freemasons has given donations to two local charities that have been helping vulnerable people in the society.

Royal Arch, one of the Masonic orders from the Basingstoke Masonic Centre on Victoria Street at the Top of Town, made the donations to charities Bucket List Wishes and Dummer Riding for the Disabled.

Bob Williams, head of the Oakley Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, presented a cheque for £250 to both charities.

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Bucket List Wishes was set up by Gini Hackett in 2014 in memory of her late mother.

Gini encouraged her to list things that she wanted to do and achieve in the time she had left and with the help of family and friends ensured that those wishes were kept.

Gini went on to set up a charity that helps people do the same. Bucket List Wishes is currently setting up a one-to-one animal experience at Marwell Zoo for a 44-year-old mother with terminal cancer.

One of the many branches of Riding for the Disabled is located in Dummer on land owned by Trish Willis, who also donates many hours of her time to the charity.

The cheque was presented to the chairman of the Trustees, Harvey Matthewson, who himself has benefitted greatly from the riding experience.

They currently have 27 participants ranging in age from four to 72. There are many helpers but there is an ongoing cost of feed for the ponies in their care.

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A spokesperson for Basingstoke Freemasons said: “These two charities may be poles apart in what they do, but they both have the same aim of helping people less fortunate than themselves and all the helpers have one thing in common – it is entirely voluntary and good for the community.”

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