Dear Editor,

Your reporting of the protest at the hospital on Saturday (February 5) as shameful and lazy. It also was divisive and used to deliberately stoke confrontation and hatred. This protest was in support of NHS100k and all people who are standing for freedom of choice. Your reporter did not even bother to come and speak to any of us directly, instead chose to speak to a ‘Gazette reader’ walking on the path? There were far more than 25 people who were mostly standing on the other side of the road. We had strong support from drivers coming to and fro. We are not ‘anti-vaxxers’. We are pro-choice and anti-mandate. We had NHS workers amongst us.

We are also against the mass vaccination of children who are not at risk of the virus but who are at risk from adverse effects off the injections - for which there is no long term safety data.

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We have been subjected to two years of lies and misinformation and propaganda by this Government and the mainstream media. The shameful truth is now emerging but still the media are not asking the relevant questions, apart from a select few who still show integrity. It has been relentless and has caused more damage to the citizens of this country than any virus ever could. The data has been manipulated constantly to propagate fear and coerce people into complying with illogical and harmful policies that even the Government ministers did not think necessary. The media has a duty to inform the public and report the truth, not to use fearmongering and propaganda to fuel hatred and division.

The death figures have been inflated by inaccurate recording of cause of death and so called ‘cases’ have been inflated by ‘not fit for purpose’ PCR tests. The mass testing of healthy people who have no symptoms and are not ‘ill or infectious’ has basically shut down this country for the past two years and the media has kept the narrative running. This is also something that should be ‘on the front page’. The true death figures directly caused by Covid have been released by the ONS. The health secretary has had to admit the figures were over inflated by other causes in conjunction with ‘positive’ tests. There have also been over 50,000 excess deaths at home due to missed diagnosis and people being unable to see a GP or get treatment. Suicide has been through the roof and it seems that there has been an increase in people being found in a state of advance decomposition, who have died alone and isolated. I don’t see any of this on the front page.

This article was again putting the emphasis on ‘rising cases’ this means absolutely nothing in the current climate. They are people who have tested ‘positive’ for what exactly? People who are not ‘ill or infectious’. If the mass testing of healthy people had stopped when it was realised it had no value, and was causing horrendous damage to peoples lives and mental health and the economy, maybe we would not be in the dire situation we are now. There is a tsunami coming and the fall out of the past two years is going to cause more harm and death than this virus ever would have.

Children have been and continue to be the main victims in all of this. Their lives have been disrupted, education lost, their mental health ignored and now they are subjected to mass injections that they do not need that are of no health benefit to them, but in fact a real risk. We should not be using our young people and children as collateral damage to ‘protect’ adults or as an ongoing ‘experiment’ when it comes to the long term effects of this injection.

The media has been and continues to be (as does this Government) a disgrace.

C. Walker