A TRIO of Basingstoke ice skaters will be gliding across our television screens this weekend as part of a spin-off of the hit ITV1 show Dancing on Ice.

Madison Colley, 10, Karis Woodward, 13, and Danielle Harrison, eight, will be featured in Dancing on Ice: Make Me a Star, which is a new show searching for youngsters aiming to be the next Jayne Torvill or Christopher Dean.

Madison, of Beechwood Close, Hatch Warren, and Karis, of Moorhams Avenue, Hatch Warren, were filmed by ITV skating in an act called "Clowns" and fellow skater eight-year-old Danielle Harrison, of Pendennis Court, Winklebury, skated solo in an act called "Thumbelina".

The show is inviting entries from skaters across the country, which will be judged by a panel including ice skating legends Torvill and Dean.

The youngsters will be up against other entries for the chance to perform in front of a live audience at the 2009 final of Dancing on Ice.

Madison, who attends St Mark's Primary School, in Hatch Warren, has been skating for almost four years, and she and Karis came first at a Guildford Open competition, with their performance of "Clowns".

Madison said: "It's really exciting.

"The best thing about Clowns' is that it's a bit cheeky in front of the judges - it's all about entertainment."

Karis, who goes to Brighton Hill Community College, added: "We've been skating together for about half a year.

"It's difficult getting out of bed in the morning, but I like the competitions."

The girls skate at 5am most days, before heading to school, and they fit in bet-ween 15 and 20 hours of training a week.

Madison's mum, Lynya Colley, said: "They get through their skates quite quickly, and they need their blades sharpened every six weeks.

"It's a big commitment, but this is the age when it's make or break".

The youngest of the trio, Danielle, won the Basingstoke Open last year with her performance of "Thumbelina", and she hopes to become a professional ice skater.

Danielle's mother, Pam Harrison, said: "Danielle started lessons back in March 2006, after the coach suggested she joined her classes, because she showed potential."

The trio's proud coach, Anita Curtis, said that all of the girls work very hard during their training sessions at the Basingstoke Arena at Basingstoke Leisure Park.

Dancing on Ice: Make Me a Star will be shown on ITV1 this Saturday, at 8.30pm.