A STORAGE firm based in Basingstoke is seeing a huge boom in their business as people continue to leave London for houses in commuter areas.

Store & Secure, which has a large facility in Basingstoke, said those on the move have been buying up storage space, boosting their business.

Lucy Maidman, who runs the family firm with sister Sophie, said the pandemic had accelerated an existing trend.

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Places like Basingstoke, which is just outside London but with good access into the capital, are a particular favourite of the leavers.

“Since the housing market opened up after the first wave of Covid we have seen movers take lots of storage,” Lucy said.

“Many more than before are from London and are either buying a new home to live in, or a second home to flee to should Covid or another virus hit the capital.

“We have noticed the trend at our Bournemouth facility but it is more pronounced in Basingstoke.

“There is a regular turnover at our facilities of those storing their furniture and possessions until house sales go through.

“It is good for us but I am sure it is also likely to push up house prices which will concern those trying to get a foot onto the property ladder.

“Our business is something of an indicator of trends and another we have noticed since the pandemic is the number of small businesses starting up.

“We provide storage for online sales businesses and serviced offices for small enterprises.

“It will be interesting to see how long this trend lasts for and whether post-Covid people will start moving back to London.”

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Research from Hamptons revealed that Londoners spent £54.9 billion on homes outside the capital in 2021 — a record amount.

Those selling a home to move out of London accounted for 57 per cent of leavers, with 76 per cent buying in the south of England.

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