THE BASINGSTOKE Half Marathon and 10k are now open for entries and runners are being encouraged to sign up right now.

Both races, which are organised by Destination Basingstoke, will take place later this year on Sunday, October 2.

Phillips Solicitors will be the headline sponsors and said the race creates a fantastic atmosphere for everyone who takes part.

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Jack Gardener, director at Phillips Solicitors, said: “Phillips Solicitors is delighted to support the Basingstoke Half again. The superb scenery on the race course, great organisation and fantastic atmosphere make it a really special event that Basingstoke can be proud of. We love being such an integral part of it.”

The Basingstoke Half Marathon and 10k forms part of Destination Basingstoke’s ongoing strategy to create self-funding events and projects that actively demonstrate the quality of life and business in the Basingstoke area.

Race director Felicity Edwards is also spreading encouragement.

She added: “‘This is a great time of year to set a fitness goal, and running a half marathon or 10k in October is an achievable challenge with plenty of time to prepare and train. The races have become a much loved feature of the local sporting calendar over the last decade and we look forward to doing it all again, to showcase Basingstoke’s beautiful countryside and friendly welcome.”

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The course for the Basingstoke Half Marathon is a challenging one, incorporating some legendary hills near Cliddesden and Farleigh Wallop, beautiful countryside, and quaint villages.

Participants can take in fantastic views of some of Hampshire’s picturesque landscape and have a bird’s eye view of Basingstoke.

Those who sign up will have nine months to train for the challenge.

To enter the Half Marathon or 10k, visit:

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