The National Health Service have appealed for public’s help as services remain exceptionally busy across Hampshire and Isle of Wight in past few weeks.

The NHS said the health and care teams continue to work tirelessly to provide safe, high quality care and manage the impact of rising Covid-19 infections, however, the services across Hampshire and Isle of Wight continue to face significant demand.

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Derek Sandeman, Chief Medical Officer for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Integrated Care System, said: “We have seen countless people support the NHS in so many ways – none more so than the army of volunteers who freely gave up their time as volunteers at the various COVID-19 vaccination centres, and who continue to do so now, in all weathers.

“People will be aware of .the many challenges facing the NHS across-the-board at present. All NHS services are busy but health and care teams continue to work incredibly hard to provide safe, high quality care and manage the impact of rising COVID-19 infections. As always, the NHS remains here for you when you need it.

“We know it can be frustrating and worrying when trying to make an appointment, or if you are waiting for a call back, when things are busy. But please be patient and be kind and respectful to our staff.

“We are again asking for people to help us to help them, and there are a number of simple tips we invite people to follow, including ways to get the most appropriate service for their needs.”

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The NHS has also issued a number of simple tips for the public to help manage the impact on the services. They are:

  • Get vaccinated to help yourself and others
  • Remember the Emergency Department (ED) is for emergencies
  • Urgent treatment centres are best for minor injuries
  • There’s no place like home if you’re ready to leave hospital
  • Contact the high street pharmacist for minor illnesses, medicines or other wellbeing advice.
  • Your GP practice has online access and a range of expert help
  • Keep everyday medicines and painkillers in a safe place at home
  • Make use of online help – and contact services online if you can
  • The NHS has other great resources online to help you check symptoms and get advice. Try for health and medicines advice and Healthier Together if you are concerned about an unwell child.

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